Spectrum Personal Growth Framework

The Spectrum Personal Growth framework comprises 4 main areas.
Each of them is divided into 3 phases.


The Spectrum Framework of Personal Growth has been created by ShapeShift for people who strive to improve their lifestyles but might struggle with identifying development areas and composing the structured Personal Growths Plan.

The Spectrum addresses four areas of lifestyle leading from healthy body (Body Transformation) to healthy mind (Mental Revolution). The Framework is enriched with two overlooked components of the body-mind path, Social Engagement and Professional Evolution. These components together form a holistic lifestyle management tool. The 12 phases of personal growth embedded in the Spectrum help to come up with a more detailed plan and structured flow to follow.

Joint collaboration of experts in relevant fields brought Spectrum test to life. The test display page shows your scores in 12 lifestyle phases, each of them is only one click away from the menu of quality products and services from our carefully pre-selected partners, all to help you put your Personal Growth Plan into action.

Transformation is not a future event.

It is present activity.

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