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any area of your life in just

8 weeks

Body Transformation

Social Engagement

Professional Evolution

Mental Revolution

Do you want

  • Self-Empowerment
  • Knowledge and facts, to make your own choices instead of paying for dieticians, personal trainers, stylists, mindfulness teachers or financial gurus?
  • Be in control of your life
  • Decide for yourself what to eat, wear and how to train, whom to meet and how to make a positive change in this world
  • Access to certification quality programs at a fraction of cost

When you have thoughts like these

  • I don't feel satisfied with myself
  • I want to have better control of my life
  • I want to​​​ transform myself
  • There's nothing going wrong but I don't feel right
  • Thoughts about future do not excite me
  • I feel lost and confused 
  • I need meaning in my life
  • My thoughts are always running against me

It's time for a change

  • Body transformation
  • Social engagement
  • Professional evolution
  • Mental revolution

Personal F​inance

Duration: 8 weeks

Normal price: $56

Promo price: $28*

How well is your money managed? Are you comfortable or stressed about financial matters? Learn about budgeting, saving, sources of income, behavioral finance and stress management to set yourself free!


Duration: 8 weeks

Normal price: $56

We are still shapeshifting this program

Emotional Intelligence

Duration: 8 weeks

Normal price: $56

We are still shapeshifting this program

*That's only $0.50 per day for the change that will last you lifetime

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