Design Yourself

There is a high chance that, like many other ambitious people, you can relate to the statements below:

  • My development needs are not fully met
  • I wish I could manage relations with others better
  • There’s nothing going wrong, but I don’t feel right
  • I don’t feel satisfied with myself
  • Thoughts about future do not excite me
  • I want to have better control of my life


Spectrum is a holistic lifestyle shaping tool that helps you design your development plan. ShapeShift then equips you with the tools to act on it.

Want to see how your personal spectrum looks like?


Body Transformation

The latest software update won’t run well on obsolete hardware. The same principle applies to people – no matter how sharp our mind is, it won’t server us to its fullest until the body that carries it is well prepared. That’s why Body Transformation should be the first step on our journey towards a fulfilling life.


Social Engagement

A shift from a self-centered personality towards an empathic listener who respects opinions even when disagreeing with them personally, will help you to repair a lot of broken relations and build strong new connections. The Social Engagement component also stresses the importance of giving back. Not in a reciprocal way but as an act of paying forward.


Professional Evolution

The place where we spend a big chunk of our life should lift us up and not bring us down. Professional Evolution stands for taking charge of your own professional development. Think ahead and create your own challenges. If going with the current will bring you to the desired place, it will do so much slower. Take a leap forward and become the leader of tomorrow!


Mental Revolution

Our hectic lives make us forget the importance of time for ourselves. The time we devote to increasing our creativity, becoming a learned individual and having an inner dialog, when we listen to our emotions, understand them and streamline them where they are the most needed. Mental Revolution is that very conscious presence in the moment.

Remember – the biggest room in the world

is the room for improvement