Body Transformation

Body transformation allows you to:

  • Learn ethics and Savoir Vivre
  • Get into shape and transform your body
  • Develop healthy eating habits
  • Improve your sleep quality
  • Reduce exposure to toxins
  • Build a successful Personal Brand
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Health and Wellness is focused on healthy habits and physical activity. Exercising, right amount of quality sleep, elimination of addictions like alcohol and cigarettes all show the results in a form of greater health, improved longevity and satisfying body shape.

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Physical activity is only one component of the Body Transformation formula. Nutrition plays an even more important role in maintaining body shape and overall health. When physical activity combined with the right nutrition, better results are achieved faster due to synergies. Re-enforce the healthy lifestyle by nurturing ourselves from the inside.

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Self-perception is influenced by both, the way we see ourselves and the feedback we get from others. Communicating the right message with our appearance requires substantial amount of work from our side. Body Care involves building a strong Personal Brand that helps to succeed in both private and professional life.