9 Day Digital Detox Challenge With FREE Downloadable Calendar

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Did you know that millennials check their phones 150 times per day. Another study estimates that we spend an average of 2 hours and 57 minutes on our mobile devices each day. Without a doubt, technology is very essential for our personal and professional life but unplugging from your mobile phone once in a while can benefit your physical and mental health in miraculous ways. If you are keen to strike the right balance in the digital world, try some digital detox to increase productivity and find your calm.

Here are few reasons that can motivate you to take a step forward.

  • Your physical health will improve because your eyes won’t be glued to the screen
  • You will sleep better without the addiction
  • You will have less anxiety, and you will stop seeking external validation on social media
  • Your attention span will increase
  • You will reclaim your time and your life
  •  You’ll create free space to think thoroughly,  connect deeply with your own self and people around you
  • Information overload is a thing. Give your brain a little time out to process things and experiences
  • Because good ideas pop up when you are disconnected or in diffused mode of thinking
  • You will become much more calmer as you won’t have to check another notification
  • Your overall mood and happiness levels will enhance
  • You will gather the power to conquer your fear of missing out
  • You can gain more time in your hands that you can productively use for your well-being and creativity
  • You will be able to connect with the real world and have a genuine conversation with someone about something you really care
  • Your mental health will be your utmost priority

Are you ready to disconnect for a little happy stretch? Here is your game plan fellas! Tag your BFF’s and let’s do this.

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