Stop Dieting and Start Living [FREE download]

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Do you know why almost all the diets fail? Because dieting is viewed as something:

  1. Temporary
  2. Restrictive
  3. Directive
  4. Sacrificing
  5. Overwhelming

To transform your eating habits you should start with setting your MIND up. None of the changes will last if you treat them as violation of your free choice and suffering for a greater good (e.g. to get these summer abs).

To start with, I want to highlight that when you change your habits overnight, the habits you’ve been following for ages, you get overwhelmed! Who wouldn’t? I am a strong proponent of small, step-by-step changes, which introduced one after another when you are ready, so that the new habits really stick.

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In my book I am not a diet book, I want to teach you a totally new approach! I want to make you fall in love with healthy way of living! I want to teach you eat intuitively what is best for you specifically (not what another DIET guru tells is good for everyone). I want to empower you to make your own food choices, based on understanding how they affect you.

I want your eating habits be sustainable! And that’s why I start with sharing with you my 10 principles for the lasting body transformation!

To make my book more accessible, I divided it into 4 parts, which all are available as ebooks on Amazon. The introductory part is also available for free as a downloadable PDF in the end of this article, on top of the ebook version on Amazon (link below).

FOUNDATIONS – 10 Principles

You can also download this ebook in PDF version (no signup required) by clicking the button below.

Stop dieting, start living! Healthy food can be something you crave instead of force-feeding yourself with.

This is what I wish for you!

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