Our Story

The Problem

Every one of us have had these moments in our lives when nothing appears wrong but we still have this nagging feeling of sadness, emptiness, as if something is missing in our lives. We feel incomplete.

This feeling has origins deep in our subconscious, from years of neglect of our nutrition, body, mental well-being, personal development as well as social interactions. We rarely pay enough attention to all of these simultaneously because we think it’s difficult to do so. This very often leads to an overwhelming flow of thoughts and feeling of dissatisfaction (with our current state of being). This feeling constantly burdens us.

The Idea

ShapeShift was born to address these specific set of needs – to develop skills in all the neglected areas to bring a feeling of balance and completeness under one umbrella. Armored with the experience we went through coupled with the desire to help those closest to us to get through difficult moments, we decided to embark on this journey to help more people with similar concerns. Over the months we have been formulating integrated programs which address and show ways to improve deficiencies experienced in various areas. Delivering these programs, we will provide the information which will empower people to choose their direction to happiness.

The Solution

Our idea is to be the signpost, not an element to happiness in itself. To be a teacher of ways and possibilities, a coach who highlights the areas of neglect and a trainer who helps to implement these new ways of thinking.

We help people to improve their lifestyle by shaping their habits and shifting from status quo, as a result guiding people towards a better future.