Skin problems? Skincare products may be the cause

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Why more and more people are going for natural and organic products

Almost all of us use body care products to some extent. Usually we select from the shelf our favourite brand but often our choice is influenced by advertisement, good-looking packaging or nice smell. But how often do we read the label with content, and more importantly how much of it do we understand?

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health study reports that traditional cosmetics include over 800 toxic ingredients. By applying these products on our skin, we facilitate the absorption of the toxins into the blood stream which affects our organism and brain.

Know what you’re putting on your skin

Below are the most harmful and dangerous ingredients that are most commonly used in the commercial products and their impact on our body:

  • Parabens – chemicals that are usually found in patients with cancer are also used in cosmetics due to their anti-microbial effect. Using products containing this ingredient adds to the risk of getting cancer.
  • Triethanolamine is used to change the pH levels of a product. It causes skin irritation and can lead to asthma and lead to allergies when used longer.
  • Fragrance is added to cosmetics to produce nice-smelling effects with the downsides of asthma risk, allergic reactions and weaker immune system.
  • Synthetic colors used to add/change the original colors of the products. Besides being quite toxic they are reported to be carcinogens and contribute to hyperactivity.
  • Propylene glycol – synthetic liquid used in skin care products for its texture stabilizing properties. Dangers of it among others are skin irritation and dermatitis.
  • Formaldehyde is used as a preservative and anti-bacterial ingredient in skin care products. Side effects include allergy, increased risk of cancer and weakening of the immune system.
  • Toluene used as a solvent mostly in nail polish. This petrochemical can contribute to skin irritation, respiratory difficulties and even cause birth defect when exposed to by pregnant women.
  • Triclosan is another chemical with antimicrobial properties. It is proved to cause skin irritation, negative impact on production of some hormones and overall toxicity for the environment.
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate used for its detergent properties leads to skin irritation, allergic reactions and dry skin.

Organic vs natural

Indochine Natural Singapore
Natural and organic skincare products from Indochine

Even though these names are used interchangeably, organic and natural is not all the same. Natural cosmetics are made from plant based ingredients, with no chemicals added in the process of production. Organic ones take it a step further and use plants which are all organic (that means only allowed non-chemical fertilizers were used during the ingredients cultivation). Nonetheless, both of them are a much better alternative to commercial products packed with harmful toxins.

What requires the most attention is labels with signs such as “contains natural ingredients”. When they indeed contain them, it is not synonymous with 100% natural. Having just one of the natural ingredient allows the company to put the mentioned sign on its label.



There are numerous advantages of going all natural and these are not limited to health benefits only:

  • elimination of exposure to toxins which would otherwise get into our blood stream (as in case of commercial products) as there are no harmful ingredients. Great for sensitive skin and can reduce skin irritations;
  • affordable and often much cheaper than branded counterparts;
  • unlike commercial skin care, natural and organic products are not tested on animals. Therefore, by switching, you not only bring good to yourself, but also to animals and environment in a broader sense;
  • long-term effects of providing nutrition to your skin from natural ingredients deserve more attention. Commercial products induce immediate effect through harmful toxic ingredients leading to a particular skin response. However, as soon as you stop using the products the promised glory disappears (unlike the toxins that stay in organism much longer). Just imagine how much damage you do to yourself by applying such dangerous blends!


Using natural and organic product does not mean that you won’t get any allergies. In the end, allergies and skin irritation is a response to a particular ingredient. Natural cosmetics, even though free from toxins, can still contain ingredients that you happened to be allergic to. Therefore, always check the label for the allergens specific to you.


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