Why “Spectrum” framework is your tool for happiness?

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Spectrum” is a holistic lifestyle management tool that transforms the quality of your life and helps you unlock your full potential. With the help of Spectrum, you can create positive and sustainable change for happiness.

We are all enjoying the most comfortable lives with the power of technology but we cannot say we are the “happiest”. With  so much information around us, focussing on what truly matters is not easy. Spectrum addresses the four specific areas of need, with 12 phases of transformation in a structured manner. It allows you to anchor your life in a much more balanced way.

You can build resilience by changing your beliefs and mindset, elevate your skillset, boost serotonin and bring self-awareness.

More on Serotonin and Happiness:

Happiness comes from within and to be more specific, from your brain. Numerous studies have linked the increase in Serotonin to increasing happiness. There is strong evidence that maintaining a higher level of serotonin can help with symptoms of depression. When you work with the “Spectrum” framework, you engage yourself in phases that actively contributes to increasing your serotonin levels. Such as Nutrition (properly eating the right food), Mindfulness (being present in the moment), along with various activities that help to design your life for more happiness.

How will you build resilience:

Resilience is the process of adapting to change. Whenever we go through any stressful event, tragic situation or a traumatic experience in life, we need resilience to help us cope up with the transition smoothly. “Spectrum” instills problem-solving skills in your behavior, shifts your mindset and empowers you to make the right choices. It helps you eliminate the unwanted behavioral characteristics that could lead to anxiety.  Every phase of spectrum guides you through the aspect of behavioural psychology linked with it, ex: Behavioral Finance, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Social Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Learning Intelligence, etc.

Elevate your skill-set: 

Skills play a very significant role in not just moving with the times but also in improving self-esteem. When you have higher levels of confidence, you can deal with the unpredictability of life in a stable (sustainable) way.

Spectrum” trains you with leadership skills, creative design thinking, networking techniques, and personal finance strategies. You get access to information backed by science in a holistic manner and comprehensive manner.

A Glance At Spectrum – the happiness framework


Body Transformation

This lifestyle area in the “Spectrum” framework gives you a jump start to becoming your own expert in Nutrition, Health & Wellness, Image, and Self Care.  Leading you to take care of your body inside out, this phase helps you feel more confident and in control.

Social Engagement

Did you know that suffering from loneliness is similar to suffering from physical pain. Friends, Family and a Sense of community play a very pivotal role in helping us lead happier lives. In this area, ‘Spectrum’ widens your perspective with networking skills and the importance of community contribution. You build a roadmap to ever-lasting and healthy relationships.

Professional Evolution

Manage personal finances and establish emotional intelligence. Professional evolution is your key to unlock your full potential at work-front.

Mental Revolution

Your mind is the most powerful tool.  You can make a dent in the Universe by using just 1% of its capability. Discover the key strategies for improving your memory and imagination in this particular phase. Upgrade your mental state and happiness levels.

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