Weight Loss Mindset That Actually Works

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We recognize the changes we want to make for weight loss, and we jump into a new diet in all the excitement. We start eating healthy, exercising a few times and we begin to see the results we were eager to get.

But then, something happens, we stop going to the gym, we end up stuffing our mouths with unhealthy snacks. Maybe our diet was too restrictive,¬† the routine wasn’t sustainable, perhaps our approach wasn’t correct, or we simply lost the motivation. Whatever the reasons, we eventually go back to square one because we don’t have the weight loss mindset we need.

Weight Loss Mindset

Weight loss mindset, what it is?

We often forget that the most essential element of the weight loss puzzle is MINDSET. It is that one ingredient that can completely change the game for you. Mindset is crucial for a sustainable, effective and result-oriented weight loss that actually works. Your thoughts create your actions. They cause a physiological response in your system that drives you to either eat a healthy snack or reach out for that fast food menu.

Your mind is a very powerful technology that can drive your actions, your beliefs and help you succeed in any area of life. In this post, let’s begin with the mindset you need for weight loss and how you can choose to live a healthier and more happier life.

Start with WHY

Disclose your deepest motivation to yourself and uncover the real reason why you want to lose weight. Is it because you are tired of feeling unhealthy, or is it because you want to look good and fit? Are you doing it because of any kind of societal pressure or you have specific goals you want to achieve? Clearly acknowledging your reason for weight loss can set the right foundation for your successful weight-loss journey.

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Go Slow

“I want to lose weight as fast as possible” is not going to get you anywhere. The reason why most diets fail is that all the changes are introduced all at once. People are not even aware if the diet they have chosen is right for their body system or not. The burden that constant calorie counting creates eventually leads to impulsive eating, causing overeating and yet further stress to the body and its tissues. If you want to build long-term changes then creating the right choices with habits is crucial which takes time, research and motivation.

A plan is nothing, planning is everything

Breaking your goals into actionable steps is the right approach to a healthy weight loss story. Once you define your goals, make a list of things you want to eliminate, swap or adopt. What are the excuses you are ready to let go of? Small changes you are starting from tomorrow? New habits you are excited to adopt? Get down to the points and write them down in a clear, precise, reasonable and specific manner and be flexible.

The Power of Choice

When we try to follow a certain rulebook that comes with a particular diet, we not only restrict our food choices but restrict our beliefs too. We blindly rely on what the source is saying without questioning for our own well-being. Our bodies are different if the Keto diet works for one person, it doesn’t mean it can work for you too. Your body may require a different kind of treatment depending upon its requirements and needs. Hence, self-educating yourself with the choices you are making is really critical. There is power in making choices.


These mindset approaches address the fact that there is no one diet that works for everyone. The formula for a universal diet is a myth. When you learn more about your relationship with food, you can easily listen to what your body needs, what are the consequences of making certain food choices and how you can nourish your physical self for more well-being and happiness.

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